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Planning can sometimes feel overwhelming. So sit back, relax, and utilize my planning guides to relieve the stress. Happy planning!

Hi! I'm Cali!

I created The Second Mouse Plans as a hub for young adults to learn to travel *ON A BUDGET*! Traveling is looked at like a luxury, and the way some people travel, it is! Definitely not for me though (I'm still trying to retire early!) So come with me on this incredible journey of figuring out how to experience life without setting ourselves back financially! The Second Mouse guides, spreadsheets, and planners are designed for those of us who are just trying to make it through life, stay organized, and save money! If I can get you even just A TINY bit of comfort in your life, then I call that a success!

Learn More About Me!

Travel Itineraries for Young Adults

Day by day travel itineraries for cities like Boston, Philly, Covington, and Savannah curated by me! Hours and hours of research all tied together designed to save money and time!

Travel blogs including but not limited to: Itineraries, a list of links directly to hours and pricing so you don't have to hunt, and travel tips! 

Planner Pages for Night Owls

This planner is for the hectic mind who want’s to do it all! Plan your projects, track your health, find your priorities, and keep on planning! 

Spreadsheets for the Hectic Mind

Equipped with the formulas already embedded in, these spreadsheets are ready to start planning! Here to help for planning vacations, finances, events, and more!